Aleksandra Antic

For me, the state of being, much like the state of the contemporary image, is often ambiguous. The idea of selfhood relies on processes of communication and relation to our environment and as such, is open to inconsistencies, failings, fragmentation etc. This particularly is the case in terms of migration, where identity is constantly being formed and reformed. I engage with the notion of constraint, disintegration and repetition as provisional structures, against which the conception of movement, transition or in-betweenness could be explored.

Aleksandra Antic is working across media including drawing, printmaking, installation and digital image. Notions of agency, communication and presence are premises through which she investigates the limitations of human resilience towards societal complexities and the boundary between internal and external ‘modes’ of being. Aleksandra migrated to Australia in 2004 from Belgrade (Serbia). In 2012 she completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts Honours (first class) at the University of South Australia, where she is currently undertaking a Masters of Visual Arts by Research as an Australian Postgraduate Award scholarship recipient.


Aleksandra Antic, “Lapse”, silkscreen on drafting film, dimensions 350 x 240 x 80 cm approx. Photo: Grant Hancock

Lapse_detail 2 corrected.jpg

Aleksandra Antic, detail of “Lapse”, silkscreen on drafting film, dimensions 350 x 240 x 80 cm approx. Photo: Sue Michael