Marian Crawford

My works recontextualise The News – the current events that are made public in newspapers, websites and other media outlets – in a mediation of found public imagery via the machines of the Print Studio and referencing the print’s historical linking of printed word and image with news media’s public proliferation of information. Topics include the current conflict in the Middle East,  the island nations of the Central Pacific, rising sea levels, political and climate change refugees, newspapers and archives.

Marian Crawford is a visual artist and lecturer at Monash Art Design & Architecture, in Melbourne, Australia, and has exhibited her work nationally and internationally since 1996. She has a Master of Arts (Research), from RMIT University, Melbourne. Her works explore representations of loss and processes of mourning, focusing on biodiversity and environmental degradation. The works also explore whether printmedia processes have at their heart an engagement with repetition and multiplicity that echoes the iteration of mourning processes. Many of her projects involve the artist book, focusing on the special relationship between the book and printmaking.  Central to all of these concerns is a consideration of an artist’s relationship to society and power structures, and the artist’s role in negotiating and engaging with these dynamics.

M Crawford_News Diary3_ws

M. Crawford, “News Diary,” 2015, artist book, 30 x 21 x 1.1 cm, edition of 5, letterpress, typewriter, digital and intaglio

M Crawford 2015 _2_ws

M. Crawford, “Iceberg”, 2015, edition of 5, 30 x 21 cm, photopolymer intaglio print

M Crawford 2015 _1_ws

M. Crawford , “Baghdad: US Secretary of State”, 2015, unique work, 0 x 21cm, sequins, thread, letterpress