Joel Gailer

The work Hotmetal explores the instability of material. I have explored this image through a number of different print mediums, in this instance I have chosen screen-printing as my method. The support for the screen-print is a mirrored surface. The resulting image is an ever changing experience as the work is engaged by person or camera. Even though the work is two dimensional, the mirrored surface and the mat black screen-print create a conflation of figure/ground perspectives.

Joel Gailer is a print informed multi-disciplined artist. His work engages with the philosophies of print, such as the copy and the multiple, though he roams from medium to medium exploring such ideas at will. Print philosophies provide a backdrop and backbone to his art practice that is otherwise roving and itinerant.


Joel Gailor, Hotmetal, screenprint on reflective mylar, 170 x 124.5 cm