The evocative hands and provocative feet of artists…

Opening photos and post by Francesca Jurate Sasnaitis


‘In order to do anything, equilibrium has to be sacrificed. The moment we set ourselves in motion, taking that first step, a counter motion is required to prevent us from simply falling over.’—Paul Coldwell (UK)

unstable edge takes its place amongst Marian Crawford’s artist books and unbound pages at SASA Gallery, Adelaide. RATAS is delighted to be part of The Unstable Image exhibition and artists’ floor talks, 30 March 2016.


Rapt audience… Olga Sankey introduces transparency, layer and shadow; Marian Crawford stands sentinel.

Aleksandra Antic’s installations incorporate ideas of multiplication, disintegration and translation. Alex and Suzanne reflect on the meaning of it all… with a glass of vino 😉

Paul Coldwell’s catalogue essay speaks to the call-and-response of the print process; the joys of ‘mistakes’, decisions, actions and compensations; the beauty in imperfection. ‘Either ungainly or with elegance we proceed,’ says he. ‘Wabi-sabi,’ I agree.

Marian Crawford’s ‘Unbound’ floats suspended over shadows that allude to contemporary moments of truth—the news recontextualised as artefact.


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